Featured Unit: 2016 Roadtrek 210-Popular


Elevate your travel adventures with the 2016 Roadtrek 210 Popular, an exciting blend of style, comfort and technology.

This Class B motor home distinguishes itself on the road with a wide body and unique look that also create unprecedented room inside. But, looks aren’t the only thing that makes the RoadTrek 210 Popular truly a coach for the road ahead.  From the rooftop 300 watt solar panels, to the under-the-hood generator to the power converting sofa, the 2016 RoadTrek is in a class by itself.


The Roadtrek 210 Popular is built on the Chevrolet Express 3500 extended van chassis for durability, fuel economy and ease of service and maintenance, while the 6.0 V-8 engine is the right mix of power and economy. The 155 inch wheelbase creates a smooth ride and ease of maneuverability for the driver, while creating a spacious haven inside.

To create the distinctive body of the 210, Roadtrek extends the body 18 inches behind the rear wheels, creating an overall length of nearly 22 inches. Additionally, seven inches are added to the width of the vehicle creating roomy, easy-to-reach pull out storage and access to external hook-ups, and auxiliary batteries along the base of the coach.


The sleek exterior is available in three stylish color options, white, silver ice and charcoal gray. An 8-foot power awning is standard on the 2016 Roadtrek 210 Popular models.

Enter the cockpit through convenient side doors and settle into halo leather captain chairs. The signature control panel is accented with wood finish and the leather-wrapped steering wheel completes the feeling of functional luxury.

A third seat behind the passenger seat can be exchanged for an optional s. The unique design of the 210 Popular allows five to travel in comfort, while the addition of an optional folding bed creates space for up to three to sleep.


Travel back to the living quarters to appreciate the true value of the 2016 210 Popular. The signature trio of rooftop windows creates a flood of light into the well-appointed interior. With an interior height of 6-foot-2, inches and hallway width of 30 inches, there’s ample room to prepare meals, relax and move about.

The expansive kitchen is a mix of luxury and function, with a granite counter top holding a recessed two burner propane stove and stainless steel sink, each with flush mount covers to create a large prep area. A 3-way built-in 5-cubic feet refrigerator and freezer and convection/microwave are built-into the stylish cabinetry. In 2016, the 210 Popular takes storage up a notch, with a bank of deep, well-designed drawers that maximize space. Combined with the frosted glass-fronted overhead cabinets, there’s room to pack enough kitchen gear for a summer of adventures. The cabinetry of the 210 Popular is available in three choices, ebony, bamboo and cherry.


Find the first of two available dining areas in the front of the kitchen with a functional table for two that pulls out from the kitchen cabinets to serve the forward seating.

For those who need and demand the convenience of an onboard bathroom, the Popular 210, has a self-contained, stand-up shower, commode and vanity bath combination. To handle any messy situation, the shower track continues into the hallway, where a drain can be opened and the curtain pulled. Also, the folding door can latch closed into the hallway to create a more spacious cabinet while the bathroom is in use, then closed flush with the interior while empty.

In the rear of the 2016 210 Popular is the living, sleeping and second dining area. The standard equipment halo leather power sofa is equipped with seat belts to provide comfortable travel seating. Set up for the night or recline in comfort to the sounds of the standard entertainment center stereo equipment.  An optional 24-inch TV on flexible arm can also be added to complete your peaceful retreat.  A larger, second dining room table can be added for family game time or dining. The seating area is surrounded by windows that fully open to bathe the unit in light and fresh air.  When it’s time for privacy, top-of-the-line shades create a private haven.

When it’s time for bed, the fully powered sofa converts to two twin beds or one king-sized bed, made possible by the wide-body of the 210 Popular.


The lush leather seating is available in three color options – tan, onyx and platinum with coordinating accent fabric choices.

Experience the compact, practical luxury of Roadtrek’s 2016 210 Popular in person with a visit to Reines RV Center in Manassas or Ashland. Va., where the experts there can help you find the motor home of your travel dreams. Click here for price and even more details on this unit. If you are interested in purchasing, feel free to give us a call at either location, or use our online contact form.


Gas RV vs. Diesel RV

2012 Winnebago View

Gas and diesel motorhomes come in a variety of styles and sizes.  What to choose depends on how much you plan to travel, your budget, how many people you need to sleep, what you plan to tow and personal preference.  Class A, class B and class C motorhomes are available in both diesel and gas models.

The Winnebago View pictured above is a diesel class C motorhome.  Diesel class C motorhomes like this are generally on a Sprinter chassis with a Mercedes Benz 6 cylinder turbo diesel engine.  They are 24 to 25 feet long, feature European inspired styling and can tow a small car.  They are more fuel efficient than gasoline class C motorhomes and their engines last longer, but they require a larger initial investment.  Gas class C motorhomes come in a greater variety of sizes, usually 22 to 31 feet and offer more choices in floorplans.  They are on a Chevrolet or Ford van chassis with a cabover bed and most have a V8 or V10 engine.  They have more torque and pulling power than the diesel models.  All class C motorhomes have automotive like driving features making them easy to drive and maneuver.  Maintenance is less expensive on gas models than on diesel models.

Class B motorhomes (or class B+ like the Thor Siesta Sprinter) are similar to class C motorhomes, but instead of the cabover bed, they have a TV or storage compartment above the cab.  Diesel models (like the Era by Winnebago) often get 17 miles per gallon, which is better than any other motorhome.

2012 Tiffin Allegro

The 2012 Tiffin Allegro pictured above is an example of a gasoline Class A motorhome.  All class A motorhomes are on a truck, bus or custom chassis.  Gasoline class A motorhomes are less expensive than diesel models and they’re less expensive to maintain.  In fact, some owners may be able to perform routine maintenance themselves.  Diesel models must be maintained by a service facility with experienced diesel mechanics.  To choose between buying a gas class A or a diesel class A, consider your budget, how long you plan to keep the motorhome, how much you plan to travel, how much storage space you’ll need and what (if anything) you plan to tow.

If you want a very large (38 to 43 foot) motorhome, you will need a diesel class A.  It provides more carrying capacity, more storage, greater weight stabilization, a smoother ride (air ride suspension) better steering, better brakes (air brakes) and more towing capacity.  For example, if you need to tow a race car in a trailer, you’ll need a diesel class A.  The diesel engine, while being more expensive to maintain, will last longer than a gas engine. Most people travel less than 5,000 miles a year in their motorhomes, however,  and they trade them in without having accumulated a lot of mileage. If you plan to spend a lot of time traveling, diesel is a good choice.

It isn’t necessary to spend the extra money on a diesel model if you don’t want to.  You can get a beautiful class A motorhome with slide-outs and whatever floorplan and features suit you in a gasoline model.  Besides costing less than diesel, the cost of maintenance and repairs is lower.  Some people believe that diesel class A models are more fuel efficient than gas class A models, but there is hardly any difference.

We hope this answers your questions about the differences in diesel and gas motorhomes.  If you need more information, please click below and let us know.

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2012 Era Van Camper by Winnebago: A Sneak Peek


2012 Era van camper

Winnebago has relaunched its Era van camper in 2012 with some exciting innovations!  “The Era is the nimble, fuel-efficient, easy-to-drive fun machine other Class B motor homes wish they could be.  Leveraging the full capabilities of the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 3500 chassis with its Mercedes-Benz turbo-diesel engine and dual rear wheels, the Era takes you on fuel-efficient adventures you never thought were possible in a full-featured motor home,” says Winnebago.

New for 2012 is the heavier chassis with dual rear wheels, allowing for more carrying capacity.

The Mercedes 6 cylinder, 188 hp turbo diesel engine, with 16 – 17 MPG, makes the Era the most fuel efficient RV on the market.

There are now 7 belted positions for seating flexibility and the companion seats now have armrests and headrests.  All 4 front seats swivel to face each other and provide seating at a removable pedestal table.  The rear large power sofa bed has 3 belted seating positions.  The Era even provides 4 child seat tether anchors!

For 2012, there is more wardrobe storage space, with a shirt closet and optional removable wardrobe storage cabinet.  Additional storage is provided behind the sofa, behind the lavatory, behind the driver’s seat and above the cab.

The optional patio awning is now larger (13′ vs. 11’6″).

And, the electric sofa bed is now larger (70″).

The new LED LCD HDTV extends and swivels to be visible from the front and rear of the motor home.  And, it’s operable on both 12v and 110v, so passengers can watch TV while traveling!

Both the coach battery and the engine battery are maintenace free — no water is required!

There are many other features to make traveling easier and more fun!  And, the Era comes in 2 exterior color combinations and 2 interior color packages, giving it high end contemporary styling.

For a unique, multi-purpose, fun and great looking van camper, you can’t beat the 2012 Era by Winnebago!

Click to see the 2012 Era Van Camper!