Must Have Accessories For A RV Trip

If you’re heading out on the open highway, whether you’re traveling around Virginia or taking a long, out-of-state trip, there area few items that you’re going to want to bring along on your RV. Here are a few suggestions for your next big trip:


A manual roll sun visor is really a must-have in the Spring when it can get really bright and really hot. You’ll really be thankful for it when you’re taking shifts driving and somebody is stuck trying to get some shut-eye with the hot sun beating down on their eyelids. Grab a few roll type visors and you’ll be able to cruise in comfort in the warmer months of Spring and Summer.


Not the most exciting accessory to keep on hand, but sealant is nevertheless a necessity for the supplies you keep on your RV. In the off chance you get a crack or something comes loose while you’re on the road, it’s always best to be prepared. The last thing you need is to need a shower after a long day’s drive and then find that the seal around the showerhead is loose and letting all the water out before it reaches you.

Water Softener

You never know what’s going on with the water at any given camp site, so a portable water softener can help to ensure that your water isn’t loaded with calcium. This will help in more ways than one, making it safer to drink and safer to use to shower and clean with.

The challenge with traveling is the unpredictability of it all. As long as you go prepared, though, you should be fine. What are your necessities on your RV trips?