Camping with a View: RV Parks in the Smoky Mountains

Gatlinburg TN Great Smoky Mountains National Park Scenic Sunset Landscape vacation getaway destination in the Smokies

For year-round scenic RVing with glorious mountain views, nearby quaint communities and top-notch parks to call home, the Smoky Mountains can’t be beat.  From the quiet beauty of winter to the colorful rhododendrons of spring to summer’s glens of wildflowers to the riot of fall colors blanketing the mountains, there’s a season and place that calls you home to the Smokey Mountains.

Choose close to town convenience around Gatlinburg, TN, Cherokee or Franklin, NC, head for the hills deep inside the Smoky Mountain National Park for some boondocking, or choose an RV park that offers some of the comforts of home along with breathtaking Smoky Mountain Views.  Touching Georgia to the south and straddling North Carolina and Tennessee, the Smoky mountains are just a day’s drive from major metropolitan areas.

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The Five Best RV Campgrounds in Virginia

first_landing_1aFrom seacoast to mountaintops, touching history, or something-for-everyone getaways, Virginia has an RV campground that’s right for you.  Naturally perfect Virginia offers hundreds of campgrounds to explore nature and history, or just relax and recharge.  Here are some of the best campgrounds in Virginia. Continue reading

Mountain Driving Tips for RVers

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Whether you’re traveling in a luxury motorhome or towing a travel trailer, mountain driving requires a shift in your driving methods.  Have patience and remember to let the transmission do some of the hard work for you.

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How to Choose Your RV Dealer

11112503_997055766995415_2743666316684432204_nPeople considering a new RV often spend months or even years researching the type of unit that best fits their camping and RVing lifestyle. Deciding between a fifth wheel, travel trailer, motorhome, pop up, etc., is often the first step in the RV buying process. However, more important than the kind of RV you buy is where you decide to buy it. Read these helpful tips on How to Choose Your RV Dealer: Continue reading

RV Accessories for Fall Camping

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Now that Fall weather is finally setting in, there are a few items you may want to purchase for your next camping trip. Reines RV Center has two locations in Virginia to help supply you with all the Fall and Winter parts and accessories you need! Here are a few items to consider:

For Sitting By the Campfire

There are a few key accessories you need for those zero-gravity-reclinerbeautiful nights out by the campfire. First, make sure you have enough comfortable seating options for all your family and friends. Zero Gravity Recliners are perfect for the outdoors and comfortable enough to sit in all night long. You’ll also want to make sure your fire is safe and contained by purchasing a Collapsible Fire Ring. These are easy to use and assemble, so you can have s’mores every night!

For a Rainy Day

While Virginia is undoubtedly beautiful in the Fall, mother nature can still interfere every once in awhile. Be prepared for a rainy day by packing plenty of board games, card sets, or arts and crafts supplies. Extra points if you can keep everyone off their cell phones and computers for an extended period of time!

For a Cold Day

Just like rain, cold weather can hit awningcoverunexpectedly as well, but don’t let it ruin your fun. Reines RV Center has a great selection of Awning Rooms that will keep you warm and comfortable, even when the cold sets in. Relaxing in your awning room will allow you to enjoy the camping experience, without feeling like your trapped inside the RV all day (or freezing outside).

Fall is one of the best times of year to camp, and you want to make sure you and your RV are fully prepared for all the adventures ahead. Visit Reines RV Center, Virginia’s #1 RV and Travel Trailer Dealer at our Manassas or Ashland location for all your RVing needs. Browse our huge lot of motorhomes, travel trailers, fifth wheels, toy haulers, pop-ups and more, or visit our Parts and Accessories store to stock up on supplies.






Tips for Organizing Your RV

rv organization

Staying organized in your RV can be a challenge, especially if you have children, will be traveling as the seasons change, or just have too many items you can’t bear to leave behind! Here are some tips for organizing your RV before your next trip.

  • Use 12×12 clear storage boxes to organize clothing in large cabinets and keep clothes from falling into a heap as you travel.
  • If you use shoe boxes for organizing shoes or other items, make sure they’re clear and come with lids.
  • To save space, you may want to hang shoes in a pocket organizer in the closet and use the shoe boxes for other items. Hanging shoe organizers can also be used to store folded clothing and linens in closets, and for toiletries on the inside of the bathroom door.
  • Velour-covered hangers help keep clothes from slipping off hangers and making a mess.
  • Stretchy Jersey sheets may be a better fit for odd-size mattresses.
  • Keep items like shaving cream and deodorant upright in the bathroom cupboard with net curtain wire or small tension rods across the inside width of the cabinet.
  • Shampoo and soap dispensers on the bathroom wall help minimize the number of bottles you must accommodate in a small space.
  • Large hooks in the shower can be used to hold towels when no one is using it.
  • Monogrammed towels are a big help with there are multiple travelers in the RV.
  • Consider a Lazy Susan with a lip to keep items from sliding in cabinets or in the refrigerator; rubber mats cut to fit cabinets also minimize slipping.
  • Plastic containers that are the size of the cabinets they’re in are easy to remove; you can pull out what you need and return the container to the cabinet.
  • Small spice racks and hooks offer lots of extra storage space in deep cabinets.
  • Hooks on the inside of kitchen cabinets can be used to hold universal pot lids, potholders, and dishcloths; use smaller hooks for measuring spoons.
  • Stack baking sheets, cutting boards, platters, and splatter screens vertically on a wooden plate stand under the sink.

Organizing your RV will be much easier if you take detailed measurements and keep them with you on shopping trips. You never know when you’ll come across an organizing product that might be perfect – if only you can make sure it fits!

Reines RV Center offers many amazing RV accessories that will make your time on the road even more enjoyable. Stop in and see us for more great tips on organizing your RV!

National Park Service Fee-Free Days

Tom Bricker/Flickr Creative Commons

Free access to some of our nation’s best national parks may sound too good to be true, but it’s not. Each year, the National Parks Service selects several days to waive the entrance fees at a large number of national parks. Fee-free days allow everyone a chance to see some of our country’s greatest assets up close and personally.

Fee-Free Day Details

Fee-free days mean visitors don’t have to pay entrance fees, transportation entrance fees or commercial tour fees to participating national parks on select dates throughout the year. Although, you won’t want to leave your wallet at home, because fees for camping, tours and third-party services typically still apply (unless the park states otherwise).

Fee-Free Days 2015

Just 133 of the United States’ 405 national parks charge a fee for entrance. On fee-free days, a large number of those 133 waive their entrance fees, so the public can enjoy their beauty without worry. The following are the dates that participating parks will waive their fees in 2015.

  • Jan. 19 — Martin Luther King Jr. Day
  • Feb. 14-15 — Presidents Day Weekend
  • April 18-19 — Opening Weekend of National Park Week
  • Aug. 25 — The National Park Service’s Birthday
  • Sept. 26 — National Public Lands Day
  • Nov. 11 — Veterans Day

Exploring National Parks in 2015

If you plan on visiting a variety of national parks in 2015, you may want to consider purchasing an annual America the Beautiful National Parks and Federal Recreational Lands Pass. The pass costs just $80 and allows access to more than 2,000 federal lands, including national parks, national forests, national wildlife refuges and many more. Active-duty military members are granted an annual pass to all of America’s national parks for free. This pass, and a number of other pass options, can be found online at the National Parks Service website.

Get Your Travel Supplies at Reines

Traveling to our country’s national parks means you’ll be enjoying some of the best rugged beauty America has to offer. Be prepared for whatever the wilderness or the roads throw at you by purchasing all of your Virginia RV supplies right here at Reines RV Center in Manassas.

RV Winterization Special at Reines

Unless you’re a snowbird heading south for the season, winter is a difficult time for RV enthusiasts. The snowfall and cool temperatures mean its time to put your camping gear back in the closet and store your RV for the season. But preparing your RV for a season off the roads isn’t as easy as pulling it into the garage and turning off the engine. The proper winterization steps must be followed to ensure your RV is in top condition for the spring camping season.

Fortunately, Reines RV Center is here to help. Our certified RV technicians will make sure your motorhome or travel trailer is ready for the winter weather and in top condition when you fire it up next season. We’re even offering special prices on winterization this season, so you don’t have to stress during the holidays.

Package No. 1

Price: $139.95

Reines’ most basic winterization package includes draining the fresh water and water heater tanks, blowing out the water lines, filling the P-traps with antifreeze and pumping antifreeze through all of the fresh water lines, including the shower, sinks, toilet, etc.

Package No. 2

Price: $169.95

Package No. 2 includes all of the features of Package No. 1 plus the winterization of your washer/dryer unit or ice maker.

Package No. 3

Price: $210.95

Package No. 3 is the most recommended package, which includes all of the services of Package No. 1 plus the winterization of your washer/dryer unit and your ice maker.

Additional Services

Reines RV Center will also take care of draining your waste tanks and winterizing your dishwasher or water dispenser for an additional price. The prices for these services are as follows.

  • Draining waste tanks: $30
  • Winterize dishwasher: $38.70
  • Winterize water dispenser: $25.80

All of Reines RV Center’s winterization packages include a four-pack of Thetford RV toilet tissue and a free roof inspection.

Make an Appointment Today

Winterizing your RV doesn’t just protect it for the winter, it saves you from having to pay for unexpected repairs when the next RV season rolls around. Email or give us a call at (800) 785-4642 to set up your appointment today.