Winterizing your RV

Owning a Recreational Vehicle is clearly a great experience. However, sometimes we can get bogged down with the amount of maintenance one vehicle might require.

Recently NOAA announced that the El Nino conditions of this year will continue throughout the winter, meaning that erratic and devastating weather may be on the horizon. Making sure your RV is properly winterized will help you be confident that it’ll stand up against the harshest conditions.

Winterizing Your RV

Here’s a list of some of the things you’ll need to winterize your RV:

  • A standard toolkit
  • If your RV does not have a water heater bypass option, you’ll need to purchase a water heater bypass kit
  • A cleaning wand is the best tool for cleaning the holding tanks in your RV
  • 2-3 gallons of non-toxic antifreeze for you to line the plumbing of your RV
  • Water pump converter kit or tubing

Options for Winterizing

Now before you begin the RV Winterizing process, make sure you read the owner’s manual for your RV and follow all of the applicable steps for your unit. Remember that working with the water heater can be very dangerous. Do not drain the heater while it is under pressure or hot.

If you’ve never Winterized your RV before, it may be best to seek some help in order to prevent any damage to your RV that’ll lead to having to pay for repairs. For any of your questions, call Reines RV at (800) 785-4642 for a consultation. Our Service department also offers Winterization packages that you could use as well.

Reines RV is your one-stop center for expert answers to your questions, prompt service, and a fine inventory of new and used RVs. Contact staff and let them help you choose the ride of your life.

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