February RV Accessories at Reines


Whether you’ve been traveling in your RV throughout the winter or are preparing for the spring camping season, there area always some upgrades that can be made to your current vehicle and camping lifestyle. The following are some of the latest and greatest parts and accessories available in our Reines RV Center online parts store that are guaranteed to make your travels more enjoyable in 2015.

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Chrome Shower Handset

This chrome shower handset by Camco is designed specifically for RV use, so you can enjoy longer, more pleasant showers. An on/off switch on the handle allows you to stop the flow of water while you use soap and shampoo, so you don’t have to rush through your shower just to save water. Personalize every shower experience with the numerous comfort settings, and know that you’ll be able to use this heavy-duty, top-quality shower head year after year.

Universal Roof Repair Kit

Save yourself from costly roof repairs and stop the leaks yourself with this universal roof repair kit by Pro Guard Coatings. The kit works great on all metal, rubber and fiberglass roofs as well as vinyl and thermoplastic membranes. Keep your RV in top shape with seamless, waterproof repairs for an affordable price.

Folding Shovel with Storage Pouch

Whether you’re still shoveling snow or digging your all-terrain vehicle out of the dirt, this folding shovel with storage pouch by Camco is a must-have RV travel item. This heavy-duty steel shovel with locking collar and serrated edge can help you out of a bind whenever you need it. Even better, it tucks into a small, easy-to-carry storage pouch, so you can take it on all of your travels.

Find Everything You Need at Reines

Find these RV supplies and tons of others at our Reines RV Center online parts store. We have everything from RV upgrades to outdoor furniture and grilling supplies by the best brands in the industry for unbelievable prices. And best of all, the online parts store is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so you can get what you need exactly when you need it.

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