Tips for Snowbirding in Your RV

Vicki Watkins/Flickr Creative Commons

Winter came on quickly around the U.S. this year, but that’s a good thing for RV enthusiasts. Early snowfall and cooler temperatures mean it’s time to start the snowbird season early. Whether you’re a first time snowbirder or a seasoned veteran, these simple snowbirding tips will help you enjoy the best winter of RVing yet.

Check Your Propane Tank in Seconds

Toting around a propane tank without a gauge? Determining your propane level may be easier than you think. Simply pour a cup of hot water on one side of the tank, then run your hand along the side of it to feel where the temperature turns from hot ot cold. The level of your tank is where you feel the temperature change.

Create Your Own Memory Cards

It may seem obvious that you need to put down your attena and disconnect the sewer hose before leaving the campsite, but you might be surprised how easy some tasks are to forget. Hang small signs around your RV to remind you to disconnect, turn off or stow certain items. Don’t forget to create a checklist for setting up and taking down your RV, and be sure to use it every time you arrive at or leave a campsite.

Stick Your Seat Cushions Down

The snowbird season means you’ll be spending a lot of time outside at the RV park enjoying the warm temperatures on your outdoor RV furniture, but keeping the cushions in place can seem impossible. Use the same non-skid liners you use in your cabinets and drawers to help your outdoor (and indoor) cushions stick to your furniture. This can be especially handy on windy days at the RV park.

Start Your Snowbird Season at Reines

Reines RV Center is your one-stop shop for everything you need this snowbird season. Whether you’re interested in a new or used RV or a few new parts and camping supplies, our qualified staff is here to ensure you enjoy the best RV lifestyle possible. Come visit us on Balls Ford Road in Manassas; our sales, service and parts departments are open six days a week.

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