How to Compost from the Road

May 29th is National Compost Day, and there’s no better way to celebrate than by learning to compost from your RV. The RV lifestyle is already known as a “greener” way of living, but by learning to compost much of the waste you produce living on the road, you can help remediate contaminated soil, prevent pollution and enrich the soil around you.

Where to Compost

RV enthusiasts who stay in one location for a long duration of time have an advantage when it comes to making their own compost piles or containers, but with compost sites located in nooks and crannies across the country, you can almost always contribute your waste to a larger compost pile nearby.

How to Compost

If your RV is parked in one place for a long amount of time, you can start your own compost heap on a bare piece of ground, then transfer it to your garden or plants as needed. You can even sell your compost to other farmers and gardeners.

  1. Start by laying twigs or straw on the ground as a base for your compost heap.
  2. Add your composting materials on top, alternating between moist and dry layers. Moist materials include food scraps, seaweed, tea bags, etc., and dry materials are items like straw, ashes, leaves and sawdust.
  3. Add manure, wheatgrass, grass clippings or any other nitrogen source to the top of your compost heap.
  4. Water your compost heap to keep it moist (not soaked), or if you’re in an area with heavy rains, let the rain moisten it.
  5. Cover your compost heap with a plastic sheet, wood or any other covering to help the pile stay moist and warm.
  6. Aerate your compost pile every 2-3 weeks with a shovel to allow oxygen in.
  7. Continue to mix in new materials as you acquire them, and transfer the compost to your garden beds as needed.

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Image by szczel via Flickr Creative Commons

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