Bringing Spring Into Your RV

Spring is a wonderful time full of fresh new adventures, as well as new ideas to revitalize your space. Like many RVers, you may have put your motorhome away for the winter. Because of this, your motorhome may have a musty smell. Even if this isn’t the cause, you’re going to surely want something to freshen up the area. There are lots of ways you can do this. Start by giving the inside of your motorhome a good and thorough cleaning. Then, to keep the area smelling fresh, use these tips and tricks to make the inside smell like spring.

Naturally, one of the easiest, and probably most cost-effective way, to do this is to bring nature inside. If you are camping near an open field that you are allowed to access, pick some fresh flowers to decorate your camper with. Choose tulips, hyacinths, or daffodils to add that wonderfully spring aromatic scent. Other great options include cyclamen, orchids, and forsythia. You can also purchase these gorgeous flowers from a specialty shop and plant them in small pots to keep with you on the road. That way you will always have a fresh flower smell.

Filling your Manassas RV full of inviting spring smells relaxes you and makes you feel rejuvenated. If you want to feel happy and ready to tackle the day, try using certain aromatherapy oils and scents to give your space that spring feel. Peppermint is an invigorating scent and is great for clearing the air. Add a few drops of peppermint oil to a bottle of water and spray it around the area. You could also use a few drops of lemongrass oil the next time you clean your floor for an uplifting aroma.

Of course, you can always use the cheapest and easiest method of using floral scented air fresheners. There is a large selection and variety of these. You can find them as stick-ons, sprays, gels, liquids and more. Febreze has a wonderful selection of room sprays and odor eliminating products that leave a fresh scent. You can choose from smells such as Hawaiian Aloha, Linen, Meadows & Rain and more.

Give your Reines RV a fresh new scent this spring and relax in the ambiance created by it.

Photo by Mike Mozart (Flickr Creative Commons)

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