February Specials

Waxing the Cardinal

Photo by Larry Page (Flickr Creative Commons)

Products come and go. New items are being invented and updated all the time. The same is true for parts for your motorhome or travel trailer. You should occasionally replace parts that are designed to wear out or pieces that get damaged over time. If you have had your precious investment for many years, the chances are you have encountered things that have put dents and/or scratches in things you hold dear. Check out the newest products for sale here at Reines RV.

Looking for an updated look for your kitchen? No problem. There are lots of ways to do this but the most simple and easy to do is to replace the front panel of your refrigerator door. We have a great black acrylic panel that’s is perfect for achieving that modern look for a fraction of the cost. It’s made from lightweight materials and is easy to clean. We also have a brushed aluminum look to mimic stainless steel and a striking oak laminate. The choice is yours for only $106.

Replacing new parts and updating outdated appliances isn’t the only way to give your travel trailer a new look. Sometimes a thorough washing and waxing of the exterior can make a huge difference. We have a professional strength formula that serves many purposes. It works wonders on tough stains from oil, soil, road film, bugs and more. After a good scrub down with this products, it will leave a beautiful finish which shines. It is safe for all RVs and won’t harm or fade decals you have added. You can even use this on your car or truck. Each gallon is just $24.19 from your Manassas RV dealer.

Lighting is a subject that we all love when it works like it’s supposed to. When you have the right lighting, everything else seems to fit the mood. Whether soft or bright, we have the lights and fixtures you need for your home. Ever think it would be best to have more light in a storage area or under your awning? Try installing one of these handy security/utility lights. They adjust to where you need them and rotates 180 degrees. For just $54.39, shed light wherever you need it.

These are just some of our fantastic options. Come in to Reines RV and see all the new products for yourself.

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