The Forest River Georgetown: A Perfect Starter RV

If you’re looking for a good mid-range RV to do some adventuring in, you might want to check out the Forest River Georgetown in stock right now. It’s used, but with less than 56,000 miles on it, and going for under $24,000, it’s a great bargain. At 35 feet long, it’s a little bigger than you might expect at this price, and the interior is like a pleasant little apartment.

In particular, you’ll love the shower. Glass enclosed with a skylight in the ceiling, it’s the closest you can get to bathing outside without actually bathing outside.

The RV is as roomy as many more expensive models, and as cozy as your grandma’s living room with a plush sofa, comfy driver and passenger seats, a dining area big enough to comfortable seat four, and a kitchen with a real homey feel to it, including a double sink and a two door fridge.

Other features include a back-up camera to ensure that you can always reverse safely, and outdoor speakers which will allow you to enjoy all of your music even while chilling out on a warm summer day with a drink in hand.

The previous owner was a non-smoker who showed good attention to maintenance and a less honest RV dealer than Reines RV could probably get away with reseting the odometer and showing you the interior, exterior and engine and tell you that it was brand new. In truth, it’s not every day that you’re going to see such a good used RV in such good a shape for so low a price.

Two air conditioners ensure that you won’t have to deal with baking alive in the middle of July, and the power vents and queen bed will allow you real comfort all year round. If you’re looking for a good, used RV, you could do a lot worse.

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