Is it Time for a New RV?

Maybe your RV is a classic, maybe it improves with age, maybe it just needs a few repairs to be good as new, and maybe it’s falling apart at the seams and it’s about time to head to Reines RV to pick out a new one. Here are three signs that your RV is beyond simple at-home repairs.

Bent Axles

If there’s nothing else wrong with the RV, a bent axle is no big deal… or rather, it is a big deal, but it’s probably worth replacing. It’s one of those expensive repairs, however, and once you have two bent axles and a frame that’s falling to pieces, it may wind up being less expensive to trade in than to repair.

Cracked Engine Blocks

If you’re looking for a repair job that will cost you a lot of money, time, and headaches, look at a cracked engine block. Even when you can get it fixed for less than you might expect, the investment of time and energy is usually just plain not worth it.

Extensive Visible Damage

For the most part, any damage to the interior or siding is going to be pretty superficial. You can replace most furniture and paneling, you can fix the plumbing wth some pipes, tubing and PVC cement. You don’t really need to consider replacing the whole thing until it gets to the point where you’re replacing almost every single inch of wood, siding, paneling and furniture in the RV. Otherwise, you probably don’t need to consider a replacement RV until you have some substantial damage to the frame, chassis, axles, or engine.

Replacing your RV is a tough decision. You never know for certain that your old one simply cannot be salvaged, and sometimes we don’t find out until we’ve already spent thousands on repairs. These signs will help, though.

If it is time for a replacement, come to Reines RV for your next new RV in Virginia!

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