Get Your Spring Checkup Before Your Next Trip

RVing is about freedom. A big part of the appeal of this lifestyle, the reason you book a shopping trip at Reines RV, is because you like the idea of just picking up and going somewhere, packing your home on your back like a tortoise. It’s easy to get ahead of yourself and simply hit the road, taking off in any direction your heart takes you. However, it’s not entirely wise to neglect maintenance.Do you need a tune up? Is your RV guaranteed to start breaking down if you don’t check up on your water system, waste water system and your engine? Well, a better question might be: is there really a good reason to take the risk?It’s not so much about immediate concerns with your engine or your electrical system, it’s more about saving money in the long run, and peace of mind. When you get a checkup at the start of the Summer or in the Spring, then you’re able to simply cruise to your heart’s content, exploring the highways and byways of the country without worrying about the shape your RV is in.So, in short, it’s about freedom. Freedom to take off in any direction and know that everything’s in order, that you can go anywhere you want, do anything you like, and your RV will be there for you. If you want to take care of everything at once, check out Reines’ Spring check special. You can get your LP system, water, waste water, and water heater, electrical system, fridge, fresh water and AC checked all for one payment of $279.Making an appointment today might make you expensive repairs later on, but more importantly, it saves you the effort of having to worry about it. You can simply enjoy your Summer on the road.

Best Virginia RV Campsites For The Summer

If you own an RV or even a travel trailer, it’s important to know about the best RV parks in the beautiful state of Virginia. It’s summertime, making it the perfect time of the year to RV around the state and stay in some of the better natural places. While a recreational vehicle allows you to stay just about anywhere, knowing the best campground will help your RV vacation this summer truly be up to snuff in the beautiful state of Virginia. Below are some of the best RV parks out there that your local VA RV dealer won’t necessarily know about.

Bethpage Camp Resort

There are a total of 1000 spaces at the Bethpage Camp Resort and the large number of people that might also be there may be the only downside. There’s internet at the site, there are pools, there’s a river and that’s just the layout. There are also a whole host of other amenities like mini golf, DVD rentals and boats that can be rented. It’s arguably the ideal summer RV campground for people of all ages who travel in RVs. Rates range between forty and seventy-five dollars a spot.

Grey’s Point Camp

With a total of 600 spaces and WiFi, this is another ideal spot for an RV camp over the summer. This camp is also incredibly beautiful as it is right on the Rappahannock River and overlooks the nearby ocean. There is a huge pool with waterslides and tons of hiking trails, making it perfect for a family summer vacation.

KOA Williamsburg

This RV camp site is much smaller with only 110 spaces total and is for those who want more of a rustic experience. However, it’s still one of the nicer ones in the state, right on Skimino Creek with a clean and well kept facilities. There are nearby cabins and cottages if people want to come meet you at the site and stay, as well as a heated pool.


Exploring Virginia


Virgina is one of the most beautiful places you could hope to go RVing. Below, we’re going to give you some suggestions for some great spots to visit when you’re touring Virginia, but the truth is that you could take off in any direction and discover something wonderful just so long as you have the gas money to make the journey. In any event, here are some great stops to schedule on your next RV trip:

Great Falls Park

If you felt like it, you could spend an entire summer here and enjoy ever day of it. With miles and miles of biking and hiking trails, kayaking, rock climbing and horseback riding, this 800 acre park is one of Virginia’s greatest natural treasures.

Mount Vernon Estate

Virginia is rich with history, and the Mount Vernon Estate is one of the most important national landmarks in the state. The birth place of George Washington, the Mount Vernon Estate rests along the shores of the Potomac River. If you want to pick up a little culture on your next RV trip, this is the place to do it.

Wolf Trap National Park

If you want to dig into some live music after leaving the Reines RV dealer, drive directly to Wolf Trap National Park. If there isn’t a show playing right now, there will be soon. With performers ranging from pop to country and opera, you’ll have no trouble finding a performer you like playing at Wolf Trap National Park during your RV trip this summer.

We’ve really only scratched the surface here. The truth is that you could spend a lifetime roaming Virginia, not just a summer, and an RV really opens up the majesty that this state has to offer.



June Specials

It’s summer, meaning it’s officially motorhome season. And while you might not need a new RV, a visit to your Manassas RV dealer for some accessories is still likely worth your while this June. Here’s a look at a few of the notable products that are on sale this month:

  • CVR Designer Class C: Think of it as protection for your RV. These ADCO covers fit snugly around your RV so that it doesn’t have to rough all of the elements, thereby ensuring that it won’t wear and tear quite as easy (especially around awnings). The covers feature vents and zipper doors and it comes with weighted straps and buckles for easy, hassle-free installation. A storage bag is also included.
  • Portable Antenna: Just because you’re camping doesn’t mean you can’t still entertained. That’s where the Anser Hybrid Automatic Antenna comes in handy. The portable device is easy to install and able to deliver high quality standard definition and high definition programming to your television set. It is designed to receive DISH and DIRECTV programming to deliver the ultimate entertainment to your RV.
  • Power Generator: LIFAN Power USA’s Energy Storm Digital Inverter Generator Series.  Features Electric Start and Remote Start/Stop Control, produces “Clean Power” with a Sine Wave Distortion of less than 2%! All of your sensitive audio & video electronics such as laptops, computers, LCD and Plasma televisions, Surround Sound Systems, Sensitive Tools, Video Consoles, and Cell Phone Chargers can be powered without the risk of damage!  The compact design, coupled with the four caster mobility kit allows for easy transporting and storing. This unit is great for Camping, RVing, Tailgating, social events, wedding, parties, or General Use around the house!

World’s Most Expensive RV

Class A Motorhome for sale

We find that most people who own motor homes or look for travel trailers for sale in va are pretty traditional. Many are baby boomers and they like socializing, traveling, meeting new people, and of course they enjoy the great outdoors. That shouldn’t surprise anyone. However, when we saw a story about the world’s most expensive RV ever built, we had to scratch our heads.

We thought those of you interested in Rv’ing would enjoy reading about this “motor home”, what it contains, how much its worth and what it is coated with. Marchi Mobile has a eleMMent Palazzo motor home that is selling for $3.1 million. This diesel pusher is literally coated in gold. So what else do you get for your $3.1 mill? Well, there is a rooftop terrace, fireplace, and cocktail bar that makes an appearance at the push of a button. Then there’s the use of marble and in-floor heating. There is no mention of mileage, but it is after all, Dubai.

We have some pretty extravagant class A motor homes for sale, but don’t expect to pay 3.1 million. We love talking with people who enjoy the RV lifestyle whether they have simple travel trailers or exotic motor homes. Sometimes it is not just about what you have, it’s what you do with. We love people who love RV’ing. Come visit us soon at Reines RV Center.

New Travel Trailers, Toy Haulers and Fifth Wheels Open the Door to Adventure

Been thinking about hitting the road for a life of adventure? Sub-leasing the house and spending every summer cruising the coast, or just taking your ATV out to the muddy hills of Colorado or the sandy dunes of California? Maybe just taking a camping trip every weekend or when work allows? When are you going to stop dreaming and start doing?Well, maybe right now. If you check out Reines RV, you’re going to see a lot of new travel trailers, toy haulers and fifth wheels available, and many of them on sale. Now, one of the big excuses that those of us who never actually hit the road like to cart out is “RVs and trailers are just so expensive.” The truth is that you can have a new 2014 Shadow Cruiser RV for just $24,900, down from the usual price of over $32,000.


Depending on which model you invest into, the Shadow Cruiser comes with power patio awning and a great outside kitchen, and sits comfortably at a length of 31′, which is more than roomy enough for traveling couples.It’s not hard to find good deals like this.

The 2014 Hornet Hideout from Keystone boasts a double rear bed, a front queen bed, ducted roof A/C, a full kitchenette and about a dozen other cool features that make it a great first timer’s travel trailer. This model is on sale right now for $13,900, which is probably less than you spent on your car.More upscale models, for those looking to live the full RV lifestyle, include the $61,900 2014 CrossRoads Rushmore.

A big bedroom, two fridges, a big screen TV, two power patio awnings, the list goes on. It’s basically a house on wheels.No matter your price range, no matter your goals, whether you want to take your trailer out for fun on the weekend or live in your RV, you can find something to match your lifestyle and open doors to adventures you might never have otherwise experienced.