A RV Trip To Lake Anna State Park

It’s time to start planning for an outdoor outing with your motorhome or travel trailer to a beautiful location and what better place to head for than Lake Anna State Park. The 2,810-acre park has plenty of room for exploring the miles of hiking trails and the 13,000-acre lake offers many water-related activities.

If you’re new to RV traveling and need to add additional accessories before hitting the road to Lake Anna or you’re in the market for a new or used motorhome, stop by our RV Dealership that has been providing the best in new and used motorhomes, trailers and fifth wheel camper trailers since 1946. The experienced staff will have you ready to roll, in no time, with an RV or trailer to suit your needs.

When you arrive at Lake Anna, you’ll have access to the campground area that has 23 standard (STD) camping sites with no hookups and 23 sites with electric outlets and water (E/W) hookups. Check-in is 4pm and check-out is 3pm so you have plenty of time to enjoy the amenities of the park. Each campsite allows a total of two vehicles, not including a travel trailer. Any additional vehicles must use the parking lot area. Campsites accommodate RVs up to 60-feet in length.

Both the STD and E/W sites provide access to the bathhouse for refreshing hot showers after a day on the road or after hiking along the 15 miles of trails, or swimming, fishing, boating, jet skiing or horseback riding in the park and on the lake. The E/W sites have electric outlets to accommodate 20, 30 and 50-amps so you’re good to go with ample electricity. Campsites also have a steel fire-ring for cooking or family gatherings to toast tasty marshmallows. Firewood is available for purchase at the park office when checking in. If you’re staying overnight, you’ll have free access – no additional fee – to the boat launch and swimming area.

For an overall experience, Lake Anna offers a full package of activities along with boating, fishing and hiking excursions that include lakefront picnics, children’s play area, fishing pond and food concession stand.

For travelers who’ve been waiting for the warmer weather before venturing out, be sure your RV is in tip-top shape. Your friendly service technicians at Reines RV Center will have your RVs tuned up and ready for the open road in record time.

The History Behind Winnebago

Taking an RV on an adventure is a great way to make traditions and to explore the world. Those of us at Reines RV want to wish you the best on your travels and to tell you about the history of Winnebego, so you can make a solid choice when you buy your recreational vehicle.

Winnebago Industries, Inc. is a manufacturer who produces RVs in the United States. The brand is based in Forest City, Iowa, and was founded on February 12, 1958 by John K. Hanson. When the company was founded, it was located in Winnebago County, Iowa, which explains its namesake. The company was originally created to help revive the struggling economy of the area.

Hanson was the president of the company that started as Modernistic Industries, and in 1960 the name was changed to Winnebago. As the company expanded, it started to create specific furniture pieces and components that would work with the RVs. One notable invention used with the RVs was the Thermo Panel, which is a lightweight sidewall used in most Winnebago products.

The first motor home produced by Winnebago was not available until 1966, and the model sold for nearly half the price of competing models. This made the Winnebago RVs very popular and boosted the brand. The model names of the RVs in the 70s and 80s were influenced by Native American tribes, so the older Winnebagos can be recognized by a flying “W” on the side of the vehicle.

Smaller Winnebagos have been made over the years to compensate for the rising cost of gasoline. One part of the company closed in 2008 in Charles City, Iowa, but another plant has since opened and employs around 150 employees.

Current models from 2009 onward run from the $74,000 price range to over $300,000, depending on the style, size, and efficiency of the RV. Of the available 9 current models, 6 are Class A motor homes and three require a class C license. Four of the models take diesel fuel, which can help with fuel economy when used with a smaller Winnebago.

Come by our RV dealership and check out what the Winnebago product looks like today.

A Quick Tex-Mex RV Recipe

Looking for a quick RV recipe? Here’s one for some amazing carnitas that you can make on the road, at the campfire, in your oven, or anywhere else for that matter. All you’re going to need is…

1 bottle of Mexican Coca Cola in a glass bottle

1 pound of pork butt

Ground anito

Red chilli pepper

Orange juice


Corn tortillas

Aluminum foil

This is actually a surprisingly simple meal. All you need to do is take the pork butt and dice it up, and then marinate it in a mixture of orange juice, tequila and Coke. The Coca Cola sounds crazy, but it’s a necessity here. It gives the meat a unique caramel sweetness unlike anything else you’ve had before. Add in the ground anito and red chilli and whatever spices you prefer (a little salt and pepper should be enough, though), and let it marinate overnight.

When it’s all done soaking in the juices, go ahead and wrap it up in the aluminum foil. You can either slow roast this in the oven at 350 for three hours, or you can roast it on an open fire, or right in the coals, if you’re camping out tonight.

When it’s finished, toast up your corn tortillas in a pan or on the fire and scoop the meat right on. The pork should be tender and flaky and rich with a mix of bitter, sweet and tangy flavors for a unique Mexican meal anywhere on the road. This is ideal for those Southwestern trips and any journey where you can’t find a great Mexican restaurant on the way.

The best part is that you can use the leftover tequila and orange juice to mix a few cocktails to go with the meal. Have fun experimenting and making this one your own on your next Virginia RV trip.

Must Have Accessories For A RV Trip

If you’re heading out on the open highway, whether you’re traveling around Virginia or taking a long, out-of-state trip, there area few items that you’re going to want to bring along on your RV. Here are a few suggestions for your next big trip:


A manual roll sun visor is really a must-have in the Spring when it can get really bright and really hot. You’ll really be thankful for it when you’re taking shifts driving and somebody is stuck trying to get some shut-eye with the hot sun beating down on their eyelids. Grab a few roll type visors and you’ll be able to cruise in comfort in the warmer months of Spring and Summer.


Not the most exciting accessory to keep on hand, but sealant is nevertheless a necessity for the supplies you keep on your RV. In the off chance you get a crack or something comes loose while you’re on the road, it’s always best to be prepared. The last thing you need is to need a shower after a long day’s drive and then find that the seal around the showerhead is loose and letting all the water out before it reaches you.

Water Softener

You never know what’s going on with the water at any given camp site, so a portable water softener can help to ensure that your water isn’t loaded with calcium. This will help in more ways than one, making it safer to drink and safer to use to shower and clean with.

The challenge with traveling is the unpredictability of it all. As long as you go prepared, though, you should be fine. What are your necessities on your RV trips?

March Events in Virginia

March is just getting started with many days left in the month to hit the highway for adventures taking place in Virginia. Several events throughout the month provide the perfect opportunity for a day trip or weekend getaway in your new motor home or travel trailer.

The 55th Annual Highland Maple Festival Monterey in Highland County on March 9 and 10 and March 16 and 17 starts the season off for Highland County located near the Shenandoah Valley. There will be plenty of good food, arts and crafts, clogging performances, syrup collecting demonstrations, Blue Grass music and more.

Play in the sand or surf when visiting the Virginia Beach Boardwalk. It is an excellent destination for food, fun, shopping, entertainment and miles of beach. On March 16 and 17, the boardwalk will be the ending point for the Yuengling Shamrock Marathon. It will be busy with folks making their way to the finish line where there will be celebrating, delicious Murphy’s Irish stew and Yuengling brews. If you plan to attend, reserve a spot at the Virginia Beach KOA located only 11 minutes from the boardwalk.

Grapes are the star attraction at the St. Patrick’s Day Celebration at Potomac Point Winery on March 17 in Stafford. To celebrate, guests will enjoy wine specials, tasty Irish food, games and live music. The party starts at 11:30 am. Be sure to wear green!

On Saturday, March 23 the 20th Annual 5K Run & Walk-A-Thon is scheduled at Mt. Trashmore Park in Virginia Beach. Along with the run beginning at 8:30 am, a 1-mile Fun Walk begins at 9:15 am for those who prefer a slower pace. If you’d like to participate in the run and need a place to park, the Holiday-Trav-L Park is located just 12 miles from Mt. Trashmore.

To satisfy a sweet tooth, the Virginia Chocolate Festival will be going strong on Saturday, March 23 from 10 am to 5 pm and Sunday, March 24 from 10 am to 4 pm at the Scope Exhibition Hall in Norfolk. Sample decadent chocolate delights from around the world at this 2-day event. Enjoy entertainment, cooking demos, wine and chocolate beer.

Before heading out to one of these events, schedule a service check-up at Reines RV Center where technicians will have your RV in top condition. Since 1946, Reines has provided a superior inventory of new and used motor homes for sale along with exemplary customer service.

Places To Take Your RV For Spring Break In Virginia

Spring Break is that time of year when being a RVer can be tough. Oh, it’s great to be able to travel wherever you like come Spring, and there are a lot of fun parties to seek out, but Spring Break is also the time of year when our favorite beaches and parks get crowded and it can be harder to find a nice, quiet spot where you can just take in the beauty of Spring without any rowdy neighbors to disrupt your peace and quiet.

If you want to have a weekend of solitude, if you want to enjoy a more laid back sort of party, or if you just don’t want to have to fight for a parking space, here are a few of the coolest places to spend Spring Break in Virginia:


Norfolk is one of the neatest places to visit in the Spring if you love the ocean. You can go see the shipyards and take a trip through the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel. A recommended park here would be the Holiday Trav L Park. Though not right on the beach, it’s only a short drive away.

Bearcreek Lake in Cumberland

A beautiful lake destination to head out to in Cumberland, Virginia, Bearcreek is one of the top rated campsites in the state, and will provide you with some scenic beauty and natural bliss while you’re out on Spring Break. A little under an hour west of Richmond, the lake is nestled in a national park. A must for hikers, fishers and outdoorsmen.

First Landing State Park

This park is a historic location and a great spot to set up camp if you want to travel to Virginia Beach. First Landing State Park offers hot showers and comfortable bathrooms if you don’t have time to find a hookup, and a bay that you can actually swim in.

Where are you taking your RV for Spring Break?

RV Buying Guide: How To Choose A Recreational Vehicle

So you have decided to buy an RV. When getting to our Virginia RV dealership to select an RV for sale, there are so many to choose from that you just don’t know which one would be right for you. They have RVs that you drive, RVs that you tow, RVs using diesel and ones that use gas.

With all these available options, you can certainly find something to fit your needs. To narrow down the search, make a list of your personal preferences you would like in a RV. If you are having trouble making a decision, contact our RV dealership.

Topics To Ask To Narrow Down Your RV Choices

Trip Length: Deciding on the length of your trips can help you determine if you need a large or small RV. If you are going on short trips to local sites or spending a weekend or two a year on a camping trip, you can choose a smaller RV. Longer trips, especially cross-country adventures, would require a larger RV to bring more supplies as you will be spending more time in the vehicle.

Towing: Some people don’t mind towing other vehicles behind their car or trucks. Other people hate the way their driving changes due to having something hitched on the back. Decide whether you would feel comfortable towing your RV or driving one.

Sleeping Arrangements: Will it just be you and your spouse in the RV, or will you also have the kids and grandkids along on your trips? Determining how many people will be using the RV on a normal basis will help you pick the right one that has plenty of sleeping places as well as extra storage.

Camping Preferences: Another important topic is deciding on whether you love being out on your own in the wilderness when camping or do you prefer to be around other people. This helps you determine if you will need to bring along an RV that has a generator when out on your own or one with full hookups for when you are at an RV park.

Price: Always have a firm budget in mind when you are searching for an RV in Virginia to purchase. Price ranges can start at $14,000 and go up $100,000.

Types Of RVs

Once you have a list of the things you want in your RV, now is the time to choose just the right one. There are several different makes and models of trailers: travel trailers, toy trailers, fifth wheels and motor homes.

Travel Trailers: These types of trailers can be towed behind your vehicle, so you will need to know the towing capacity of your truck or SUV. They are affordable and are perfect for destination-type camping as you can unhitch it anywhere. You will have hookups for gas, electric or water, but will need a generator if camping in remote places. Smaller types, called toy haulers, are perfect when you are looking for something to haul your recreational equipment.

Fifth Wheels: Fifth wheels are also RV trailers that you can tow. The difference is that these trailers extend over the bed of your truck. Very similar to travel trailers, they offer more cargo room and living space. A fifth wheel is a great RV when you are planning an extended stay vacation or want to spend more time living in the RV.

Motor Homes: Motor homes give a variety of options for the full-time RV adventurer. You can drive or tow a motor home, or use your motor home to tow your car or truck. Passengers can move around and do things while the motor home is moving, giving more freedom and allowing you to be independent. Most motor homes have a generator along with hookups. Motor homes come in three classes depending on their size: Class A, Class B and Class C.

Financing For RVs

Not everyone has the extra cash on hand to purchase a RV. For this reason, you can get great financing with affordable interest rates. For you to qualify for most RV loans, you will need to have a good credit rating and a down payment of at least 10-percent of the value of the RV — including taxes and tags. You can also trade-in other vehicles for the down payment to the RV. Most RV loan terms are from seven years to twenty years depending on the loan amount and age of the RV.

Once you choose the right RV and arrange for financing, go out on your RV adventure. Enjoy the countryside in a vehicle that will always get you to your destination.