2012 Era Van Camper by Winnebago: A Sneak Peek


2012 Era van camper

Winnebago has relaunched its Era van camper in 2012 with some exciting innovations!  “The Era is the nimble, fuel-efficient, easy-to-drive fun machine other Class B motor homes wish they could be.  Leveraging the full capabilities of the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 3500 chassis with its Mercedes-Benz turbo-diesel engine and dual rear wheels, the Era takes you on fuel-efficient adventures you never thought were possible in a full-featured motor home,” says Winnebago.

New for 2012 is the heavier chassis with dual rear wheels, allowing for more carrying capacity.

The Mercedes 6 cylinder, 188 hp turbo diesel engine, with 16 – 17 MPG, makes the Era the most fuel efficient RV on the market.

There are now 7 belted positions for seating flexibility and the companion seats now have armrests and headrests.  All 4 front seats swivel to face each other and provide seating at a removable pedestal table.  The rear large power sofa bed has 3 belted seating positions.  The Era even provides 4 child seat tether anchors!

For 2012, there is more wardrobe storage space, with a shirt closet and optional removable wardrobe storage cabinet.  Additional storage is provided behind the sofa, behind the lavatory, behind the driver’s seat and above the cab.

The optional patio awning is now larger (13′ vs. 11’6″).

And, the electric sofa bed is now larger (70″).

The new LED LCD HDTV extends and swivels to be visible from the front and rear of the motor home.  And, it’s operable on both 12v and 110v, so passengers can watch TV while traveling!

Both the coach battery and the engine battery are maintenace free — no water is required!

There are many other features to make traveling easier and more fun!  And, the Era comes in 2 exterior color combinations and 2 interior color packages, giving it high end contemporary styling.

For a unique, multi-purpose, fun and great looking van camper, you can’t beat the 2012 Era by Winnebago!

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RV Winterizing: Protect Your Camper’s Systems

motorhome with snowmobile


Unless you live in an area where the temperature never drops below freezing (lucky you!), you’ll need to protect your RV’s plumbing system, tanks and water lines.  During the winter if you’re at a campground and heating the RV, your water lines and tanks will not freeze up. If you’re not at a campground and your tanks contain liquid, you could pour potable (non toxic) antifreeze into the sinks and toilet to keep the tanks from freezing.  When you return from your trip, if the temperature is or will be below freezing, you must winterize the RV.  The next time you go camping during the cold weather, you can de-winterize the RV and use your facilities as long as you heat the RV.  If you would rather not de-winterize, you can use the RV but not the plumbing and water system.

With the right equipment and potable antifreeze (never use automobile antifreeze), you can winterize your motorhome or travel trailer yourself.  Read your owner’s manual carefully and learn the specifics of your camper.  For example, some models are already equipped with a water heater bypass kit, which will save you from buying an extra 6 – 12 gallons of antifreeze. Before beginning the process, purchase the equipment and antifreeze you’ll need.  An RV camping store can recommend the best products for your particular camper.  You may want a hand pump kit which pumps antifreeze into the water lines and supply tank.  Or you may want a pump converter winterizing kit which will allow you to pump antifreeze through your water pump and save on antifreeze.  You’ll also need a device to evacuate the water from the systems.

An RV service facility can winterize your RV, which will save you the time and nuisance.

If you don’t winterize, and your camper is parked for more than a few days in freezing weather, your hot water tank could freeze and break.  Your faucets could freeze and crack.  If there is water in your refrigerator’s ice maker or your washing machine, there could be damage.  The water line behind the toilet could freeze and cause the fitting behind the toilet to crack. The fresh water pump could freeze. So, be prepared for the upcoming season!

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Montana 5th Wheels & Cougar 5th Wheels & Trailers: Why They’re #1

Montana 5th wheel

The National RV Dealers Association (RVDA) recently honored Keystone RV Co.’s Cougar and Montana divisions with the prestigious Quality Circle Award, marking the fifth year in a row the brands have received the distinction.

According to a press release, the Quality Circle Award recognizes dealer satisfaction in the areas of vehicle design and reliability, competitive advantage, communications, sales and service support. These results were based on a survey of RV dealers conducted by RVDA between April and July 2011.

“One big reason Montana and Cougar are the top retailing industry brands is the outstanding support our dealers provide the retail customer,” said Aram Koltookian, group general manager.

According to Statistical Surveys Inc., Grand Rapids, Mich., both Cougar and Montana have been the top-selling RVs in their respective categories over the past 10 years. Cougar is the No. 1 retailing laminated fifth-wheel and trailer, while Montana is the No. 1 retailing fifth-wheel.

Why are the Montana 5th wheels, Cougar 5th wheels and Cougar travel trailers award-winning and so popular?

The Montana and Cougar 5th wheels have hitch vision, whereby a mirror and docking lights are placed on the front cap.  This allows you to see the hitch pin as you back up your truck to the 5th wheel hitch.  The 5th wheels also have max turn technology, which means the 5th wheel’s front cap is molded in a special way so that if there is a sharp turn, it won’t hit the cab of the truck.

Montana has been the #1 selling 5th wheel for 10 years in North America.  It has plush, residential style furniture.  The amenities also include state of the art remotely controlled electronics, solid hardwood hickory cabinetry, Corian counter tops and more storage than any other 5th wheel…… up to 50 drawers and cabinets!

Cougar 5th wheels have Polar Package Plus which is a sealed, heated underbelly that’s been tested in temperatures as low as 0 degrees Fahrenheit.  They also have upgraded cherry wood cabinet doors and the largest picture window in their class.  Their kitchens have more storage than any comparable 5th wheels.  And, their rear storage rack provides an easy storage option for items up to 150 pounds.

Cougar travel trailers feature a molded fiberglass front cap with 2 LED lights.  Besides looking great, this new front cap encloses the propane tanks and allows you to see in the dark to hitch up and unhitch your trailer.  These lightweight, luxurious and affordable travel trailers also have vaulted ceilings, making them feel more spacious.

The Montana and Cougar RVs are top quality products which are very reasonably priced.  Because of their excellent quality and name recognition, they also maintain high resale value.  For these reasons and those already mentioned, Montana and Cougar RVs are #1!

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