Questions You Should Ask An RV Salesperson

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If you are in the market for a motorhome, travel trailer or 5thwheel, you very likely have lots of questions. Perhaps you’ve never owned an RV before and you don’t know what to ask.  When you go to an RV dealership, it’s wise to have your questions written down to avoid forgetting anything.  Here is a list of suggested questions that an RV salesperson should be able to answer for you.  When you get the answers to them, you should feel confident that you will be knowledgeable enough to choose the right RV for you and your family.

1.    What can my vehicle tow?  What do I need to tow a 5th wheel?

2.    What is the warranty on a new RV?

3.    What are the advantages of a motorhome and a towable?

4.    Do you arrange financing?

5.    If I buy this will I be able to get it serviced around the country?

6.    Do you sell and install hitch packages for towing?

7.    Where I can store this RV if I can’t park it at home?

8.    Are you going to show us how to work everything?

9.    What are the differences between buying new and used RVs?

10.   Do you offer a warranty on a used RV?

11.   What additional items will I need for the RV?

12.   How is towing a trailer different from towing a 5th wheel?

13.   How does the financing work?

14.   Will I be able to park a large RV at any campground?

15.   What kind of maintenance is required on an RV?

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