Go RV Camping in Virginia: There’s Something For Everyone

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With its amazing variety of natural wonders, wildlife, historical sites, scenic drives, amusement parks, mountains, lakes and beaches, Virginia should top your list of RV camping destinations!

You can escape to the country’s longest commercial beach at Virginia Beach, tour our nation’s capital, Arlington National Cemetery and the surrounding area, immerse yourself in colonial life in Williamsburg, tour Thomas Jefferson’s and George Washington’s homes, drive scenic Skyline Drive, visit Civil War battlefields and other landmarks, hike and birdwatch in Shenandoah National Park, go fishing and boating on the Chesapeake Bay (and enjoy eating great seafood!) and lots more!

If you’re interested in history, Virginia can’t be beat.  Relics and sites from the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, colonial life, American Indian life and the civil rights movement are magnets for tourists.

Shenandoah National Park includes more varieties of plants, flowers and trees than all of Europe.

RV enthusiasts have numerous choices of campgrounds around the state of Virginia.  Many are resort style with amenities for the whole family and others give campers the sense that they are alone in the wilderness.

Bethpage Camp Resort in Urbanna is on the Rappahannock River near the Chesapeake Bay.  It has a water park and complete recreational facilities and is close to Williamsburg, Jamestown and Busch Gardens.  Grey’s Point Camp is another great resort style campground nearby.

The Williamsburg area includes two highly rated KOA campgrounds: KOA Colonial Central and KOA Williamsburg!

Lake Fairfax Park in Reston, is close to Washington, D.C.  Guests at the campground are close to several metrorail stations making the commute to Washington and Alexandria easy.

RV lovers can enjoy Virginia Beach, Newport News and the surrounding area when they stay at Holiday Trav-L-Park of Virginia Beach. It has resort amenities, including a dog park and a free parking lot at the beach for guests.

Cherrystone Family Camping Resort in Cheriton is a great place to enjoy swimming, fishing and boating on the Chesapeake Bay.

Shenandoah National Park, the Blue Ridge Parkway and Skyline Drive are dotted with campgrounds.  They tend to be simple with few resort style amenities but rich with flowers and foliage, animals and birds and gorgeous views.

Take your motorhome, travel trailer or fifth wheel and head to Virginia!  No matter what you and your family enjoy, you’ll find it when you go camping there!

What are your favorites in Virginia?

RV Towing Guide: Travel Trailers and Fifth Wheels

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Many people looking for a travel trailer or fifth wheel are unsure of how much weight their vehicle can tow.  Before they can select the best trailer or fifth wheel for their family, they should know the year and make of their vehicle.  From year to year, some vehicles’ towing capacities change.  The Trailer Life Magazine towing guide features a chart listing vehicles and the amount of weight they can tow. It also explains how to hitch up and tow a trailer.

When you click on the link above, you will find a 2011 towing guide.  If your vehicle is older, check the towing guide for the appropriate year.  You can find one in Trailer Life Magazine or your local RV dealership.

When you know how much weight you can tow with your vehicle, it’s easier to choose your perfect new travel trailer or fifth wheel or pre-owned model.  Keep in mind that longer trailers require tow vehicles with longer wheel bases.  It’s important to invest in a good weight distribution hitch and proper sway control.  If you choose a fifth wheel, a bed saver is a good investment as it protects the bed of your pickup truck in the unlikely event that the fifth wheel gets loose.

With so many choices available in travel trailers and fifth wheels, including toy haulers, it’s best to rely on a knowledgeable RV dealer to advise you on your best options.

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10 Great Reasons to Own an RV

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There are many reasons to own an RV and here are ten in no particular order.


If you finance an RV, the interest is usually tax deductible as a second home mortgage.  And, no matter how many times you use your RV, you only have one monthly payment.  Whether you travel one weekend a month or two, the monthly payment is the same.  All you add is the cost of gas, food and the campground.  Most people drive their motorhomes an average of 3000 – 5000 miles a year.  Even if gas goes up .50 a gallon, it will only cost $300 – $500 more a year.  You can save by camping close to home.  Your family can be on vacation without driving very far.


When you have an RV, you can travel on the spur of the moment and come and go as you please!  You aren’t dependant on airline or any other schedules.  If you want to stay longer or leave earlier, you can do it with your RV.

Family memories

Camping in an RV is all about creating lifelong memories!  Your family can go fishing, see national parks, go hiking, enjoy the beach, have cookouts…. whatever your family enjoys doing together.

Friendly people

RV enthusiasts are known to be very friendly.  It’s easy to meet people when you camp in an RV.  And, people are always happy to help fellow campers…. whether you need guidance pulling into a space or forgot how to use something in your RV, your fellow campers are eager to help. You might even join one of the many clubs that sponsor campouts.


You never have to leave your pet in a kennel when you have an RV!  Families love having their pets with them and campgrounds are pet friendly.  And, if you are a dog show, cat show or horse show enthusiast, having an RV is the best way to go!


You don’t have to eat every meal in restaurants when you travel if you have an RV.  And, if anyone is on a special diet, it’s easy to follow it in your own RV kitchen.


In an RV, you can stay on the beach, beside a lake, in a forest…. near the natural wonders of our beautiful country.  You don’t even have to stay in a campground if you have a generator.


Sports enthusiasts love tailgating in an RV…. from pro and college football games to NASCAR races.  And, an RV is great to take your kids to their traveling team matches!


Traveling in an RV allows you to take your bicycles, motorcycles, surfboards or ATVs along!  So, you can enjoy your hobbies wherever you like!

Shows & festivals

Art shows, craft shows, bluegrass festivals, horse shows and more are full of RV enthusiasts.  It’s a great way to travel and stay at these shows whether you are a participant or a visitor!

No matter where you want to go or what purpose you have for traveling, there is an RV to fit your needs!

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