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Manassas, VA - (800) 785-4642
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    REINES RV CENTER Earns 20/20 Vision AWARD


    MANASSAS, VIRGINIA,  JULY 10, 2009—  Reines RV Center, (Manassas, VA) has earned the 20/20 Vision Award from Winnebago Industries, Inc. for 2009.   

    To be honored as a 20/20 Vision winner, Reines RV Center provided exceptional customer service to Winnebago Industries motor home owners traveling outside of their home area.  In earning this award,  Reines RV Center must perform warranty repairs on at least 20 different traveling customer motor homes, or perform 20 percent or more of the total warranty claims for customers to whom they did not sell.  

    “We are pleased to recognize Reines RV Center as a 20/20 Vision Award recipient for 2009,”  said Winnebago Industries’ Director of Parts and Service Steve Evenson.  “Reines RV Center truly put the RV traveler first by not only providing excellent customer service to their own customers, but also to those traveling the country in their Winnebago Industries motor home.  I applaud Reines RV Center for providing timely service to any customer who turns to them for assistance.”